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Hello and welcome to my website!

Here is what people say! (Recent feedback and appreciations from November 2014)

From Reatha Grey (From Betty White’s OFF THEIR ROCKERS)
"I have some of the pictures with me chasing a mussel guy, makes me smile whenever I run across it. You are always are so creative when posing the shoots. It's always a pleasure being shot by you!
I appreciate you!" http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0340663/

From Pete Freeland (Actor)
"Thank you very much for the great advice tonight on the red carpet - you gave me more guidance and useful suggestions in 5 minutes than I have received in the last 3 years of publicity work. I REALLY appreciated it, and will definitely follow your advice and insight. Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing you at another event soon!" http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3062625/


Best of Los Angeles Award from LBN news, Mike Levine
July 29, 2014
The Best of Los Angeles Award presents:
Q & A with Best of Los Angeles Award winner
Born 12-25-75
Live: Los Angeles
Job: Celeb/Red carpet photographer, Studio photographer, Wedding photographer, Private Event Photographer, Head shot and Portfolio Photographer, Video photographer
Status: Engaged to be married twice
Children: None
Hobbies: Photography
Fear: Not going to Heaven
Regret: Out of pity, telling my trade secrets
Charity: Church and giving to the needy, deliver food to poor


Here are a few links to some older work. Like wine, we improve over time!

2013 Headshots Album http://www.jeffknightphotography.com/Headshots/2013-Headshots

2013 Fashion and Fitness Album http://www.jeffknightphotography.com/Fashion/2013-Fashion-and-Fitness

Model of the Month - September 2012 http://www.jeffknightphotography.com/Category/September-2012


Below you will find all of the albums from the exciting events I have had the privilege of covering.

All albums are free to browse. But, if you happen to find a picture you like, you can purchase prints and downloads right from this site.

I have the lowest prices in town. So, look around as much as you'd like.

I'm also a wedding photographer / videographer, with decades of experience, and have affordable package deals available that will fit within your budget.


Please contact me so we can work out a package deal tailored just for you.

Happy viewing and many blessings!

Jeff Knight
Phone Number: (323) 791-4081

LIMITED TIME OFFER - UNLIMITED "in studio" or "on location" headshots for $325.
See Examples of Work: http://www.jeffknightphotography.com/Category/2012-Sample-Headshots
See Examples of Model Shots http://www.jeffknightphotography.com/Category/September-2012

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